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Tailor-made renovation of your Paris apartment

Contact us today to discuss your project, we speak English. Together, we can create the space of your dreams, where well-being and practicality come together in harmony.

Your apartment deserves a second chance!

Apartment renovation company in Paris

Renovating an apartment in Paris requires specific know-how and strict adherence to specifications, guaranteeing on-time delivery of the worksite.

Whether it’s a total or partial renovation of a Paris apartment, it’s essential to maintain a constant quality of service throughout the work, which can extend over several months depending on the size of the apartment to be renovated.

Do you live in Paris and want to give your apartment a new lease on life?

Apartment renovation specialist in Paris

Urban Renovation is the renovation company you need! We work all over Paris to renovate your property.

Whether you’ve just bought a new apartment near the Jardin du Luxembourg, rue de la Pompe or on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne, we carry out complete renovations that meet your expectations. Established in Paris since 2015, we have become the benchmark for apartment renovation in the capital.

Plumbing / Heating

Whether it’s creating your bathroom or choosing a heating system, our qualified and experienced plumbing craftsmen are here to meet your needs


From laying parquet flooring to changing windows and making bespoke furniture, our team of carpenters will turn your projects into reality according to your wishes.

Electrical renovation

Our electricians are on hand to brighten up your home and keep all your electrical appliances running smoothly.


Our professional painters bring a quality finishing touch to your interior by taking care of the finishes on your walls and ceilings.

Masonry, tiling…

From creating partitions to laying tiles, our team of masons and tilers takes on any challenge to transform your interior.

Bathroom renovation

Trust us to use our expertise and know-how to transform your bathroom into a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Your trusted partner for renovation projects in Paris

Urban Rénovation specializes in apartment renovation in Paris. Whether you have a small studio or a large Haussmann apartment, our team puts its expertise at your service.

Our commitment:

  • A quote within 48 hours of an on-site visit,
  • A team of professionals qualified in each field,
  • Strict adherence to deadlines,
  • Impeccable quality of service

Are you planning an apartment renovation in Paris? Get an estimate now with Urban Renovation.

Haussmannian Apartments

Attic – Loft apartments

Private hotels

Tailor-made support for your apartment renovation

Your apartment renovation company in Paris

As soon as you first contact Urban Renovation, a dedicated advisor will take charge of your renovation project.

To guarantee regular site supervision, we also provide you with a works manager. This person is dedicated to you and makes regular visits to keep you informed of the progress of the work. His role is to organize the work of the teams on site to ensure that your renovation project is carried out to perfection.

If you’re looking for a made-to-measure renovation, we work in collaboration with certified architects and interior designers. After an in-depth study of your project, they will draw up plans, advise you on the choice of materials and finishes, and help you with the necessary administrative procedures. They also oversee the work right through to handover..

Whichever support you choose, you’ll benefit from secure payments, compensation in the event of site delays, and assistance in the event of a dispute. What’s more, projects carried out with the help of our site supervisor or an architect are covered by insurance.

As a company specializing in all types of renovation, Urban Renovation is the ideal partner for your apartment renovation projects in Paris.

From studio apartments to large Haussmann-style apartments.

Renovating a Haussmann apartment in Paris

We’ve been specializing in apartment renovation in Paris for almost 10 years. We have a perfect understanding of the specific features of the different types of apartment that make up the capital, from studios to large Haussmann-style apartments and private mansions.

Our experience enables us to offer you customized solutions to enhance the value of your home, while respecting its original character and adding a touch of modernity.

If you’d like a complete makeover of your apartment, our interior designers can study the feasibility of your project, redefining the volumes and ambience of your space while taking into account your tastes and needs in terms of decoration, storage and light.

Renovating a Haussmann apartment in Paris

A veritable architectural gem, Haussmann apartments are emblematic of Parisian architecture, and have specific characteristics to be taken into account when renovating.

Haussmannian works under the direction of Eugène Haussmann transformed Paris, creating wide, majestic boulevards and iconic Haussmannian buildings.

At Urban Rénovation, our craftsmen are experienced in renovating this type of property and can guide you through the work required to preserve the charm and authenticity of your apartment while making it more functional and comfortable.

Contact us today for a free estimate of your Paris apartment renovation project.

Renovate your apartment in Paris: entrust your project to competent professionals !

The services of our apartment renovation company in Paris

Whether you’ve recently acquired a home that you’d like to modernize, or you’re planning a more extensive renovation, it’s essential to prepare your project properly. This means establishing a precise budget, assessing the extent of the work required, and above all, calling on a reliable service provider such as Urban Renovation.

About us

Our company was founded in 2015, and since then we’ve assembled a team of nearly 10 employees to meet the needs of our customers in Paris.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide all the expertise needed to carry out apartment renovation projects in Paris.

We have a ten-year guarantee, as well as the various labels awarded to building professionals (RGE, Qualibat, RTE…).

Our Services

Our Paris-based renovation company specializes in a full range of construction and renovation services, for both interior and exterior work.

We are able to carry out both structural and finishing work. We are convinced that the key to our success lies in our ability to listen to our customers’ needs and propose creative, personalized solutions.

How much does it cost to renovate an apartment in Paris ?

The average cost of a renovation in Paris varies mainly according to the nature and scope of the work. For major renovations, such as those proposed by Urban Rénovation, the average cost is between 500 and 1,500 euros per square meter.

Determining the cost of a renovation project in Paris is essential when undertaking a renovation project. However, it’s not always easy, as many factors come into play :

  • The nature of the apartment,
  • The surface area to be renovated,
  • The initial condition of the apartment,
  • The complexity of the work to be undertaken,
  • Choice of materials,
  • Level of personalization of finishes,
  • And, of course, your choice of renovation contractor in Paris.
Calculate your renovation budget for Haussmann-style apartment in Paris

These figures are intended as a guide only. The actual cost of your project will also depend on other factors such as the size of your home, the choice of materials, and the quality of services selected. For a precise estimate, we invite you to contact us for a detailed quotation.

How much does it cost to renovate a Haussmann-style apartment?

Dating back to the 19th century, the renovation of a Haussmann-style apartment is part of the Parisian heritage.

The aim is to preserve the architectural charm of these old apartments, while improving comfort and aesthetics to match current trends.

Assuming that the apartment requires renovation “from floor to ceiling”, the cost of renovating a Haussmann apartment ranges from €500/m2 to €2,000/m2.

Site supervision

Thanks to a rigorous monitoring and coordination methodology, our project manager becomes your single point of contact.

Acting as a true project manager, he coordinates the various trades while ensuring that the project stays on schedule and on budget. His in-depth knowledge of Parisian buildings and his professionalism are major assets for the success of your project.

Why choose Urban Renovation ?
Urban Renovation is a trusted partner for all your renovation projects in Paris. Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or partial remodeling, we’re here to support you.

With our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure the success of your renovation project, whatever it may be.

Urban Rénovation in figures

Qualified craftsmen for building renovation in Paris

Trades represented

Electrician, plumber, heating engineer, tiler, carpenter, roofer, plasterer, painter, bricklayer…


Experienced building renovation teams trained and organized to work in Paris.

Construction sites

Our Paris apartment renovation company prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction. We work hard to ensure that every project we undertake lives up to our customers’ expectations.

Get a free quote in just a few clicks !

Every project carried out by CI Rénovation is based on strong commitments aimed at ensuring the success of your work:

  • Clear, free estimate: We provide you with a detailed estimate of the price of the renovation, separating labor from supplies for total transparency.
  • Single point of contact: Our site supervisors are your privileged point of contact, ensuring efficient coordination of all trades.
  • Rigorous site supervision: We ensure regular, transparent monitoring of work progress, so that you can follow the progress of your project with complete peace of mind.

For top-of-the-range apartment renovation services, trust CI Rénovation.

Contact us today to discuss your renovation project !


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